AUGUST 8th english trailer

Kseniya is an ordinary woman living in Moscow. After getting divorce from her husband, she is once again trying to build her personal life and find a long-awaited family happiness.
And here comes the moment of joyance: Ksenia accepts the invitation of her new lover Yegor to spend several days in Sochi. So she sends her son Artyom to the Caucasus to visit his father. However, at the very moment when Ksenia’s life becomes shiny, she is suddenly find out about the beginning of military operations, which take place literally in the very spot where her son an ex-husband are situating. She immediately decides to go into the inferno to rescue her son.
«August. 8th» combines an exciting story based on real events, unprecedented filming in the genre of action, advanced computer graphics and special effects, which have no analogues in the Russian cinematography.

Studio: Glavkino
Genre: Action adventure
Release date: 23.02.2012
Director: Dzhanik Faiziyev
Producers: Dzhanik Faiziyev, Ilya Bachurin
Cast: Svetlana Ivanova, Maksim Matveev, Egor Beroev, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Aleksandr Oleshko, Aleksey Guskov, Gosha Kutsenko

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  1. not exactly an m16 but an m4, Georgian army uses bushmaster ar15s, m4 copies, Georgian army also uses G36 among others, so its quiet authentic it being in the movie.

  2. Excuse me? Thats a fucking generalization right there. Yeah it may be true about a lot of americans but I quite like the idea of this film.

  3. Establezco un paralelo con la película "La vida es bella", la fantasía es lo único que permite mantener la cordura al enfrentar condiciones bélicas, y el amor oblativo e incondicional como el motor para lograr lo que parece imposible. Extraordinaria película!!!

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